Turn your day into an unforgettable trip by visiting our park!

The scientific and entertainment space SKY PARK is a unique combination of learning and pleasure. Here, thanks to advanced technologies, every learning process turns into an incredible adventure. A variety of attractions and thematic areas guarantee an exciting time for everyone. At SKY PARK, curiosity and imagination unite, turning every minute into real magic!

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Our park operates every day, providing quality services to all visitors. All attractions, cafes and other entertainment areas are maintained in perfect condition for your comfort.

Our top priority is the safety of our guests. We regularly maintain attractions and monitor staff to ensure safety.

We strive to both entertain and educate. Our VR attractions, Activity Zone and Children's Science Complex are designed to stimulate interest in science, technology and the arts.


Educational Value

The park provides a unique opportunity to combine education and entertainment, allowing guests to learn scientific and technological principles in an interactive and engaging way.


Technological Innovation

The use of technological innovations such as interactive entertainment and virtual reality makes every visit exciting and unforgettable.


Safety and Comfort

The park provides the highest standard of safety for all its guests, creating a calm and comfortable environment.


Continuous development

The park regularly monitors current trends and research in the field of science and technology in order to offer guests the most exciting activities.


Professional staff

Experienced and trained staff are ready to help, provide information, conduct a tour or a training class, providing quality service.


Variety of attractions

The variety of areas and attractions will satisfy the interests and needs of guests of all ages.

Where is the park?

Is there parking for cars?

What safety measures will be observed in the park?

Will there be something to eat in the park?

How can I find out about the opening date, future special promotions and events?

Will it be possible to host a birthday or other special event?

Are there children's areas or attractions for kids?

Is there a room for feeding babies in the park?

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